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Proyecto Aventura (Project Adventure) is an Ecuadorian company that was created to promote a healthy lifestyle through non-traditional sports in places that discover Ecuador's beauty.

We have been organizing adventure races for more than thirteen years. We hope that our activities position the country as a worldwide reference for healthy living, good natural resource management, and as a forerunner in adventure sports dedicated to the athletes’ and the environment’s wellbeing.

We strive to make sure that each one of our races explores the most spectacular and beautiful sites that Ecuador has to offer, in order to share these breathtaking places with other people who are interested in the same objectives as us. Likewise, we promote ecological tourism and the sustainable development of the local communities through which our races pass.

The center piece of Proyecto Aventura’s work is a profound respect for nature and the competitors who take part in our races. As racers ourselves, we take on the commitment of creating spaces where athletes can practice adventure sports while protecting and caring for the environment, so that each of the places we visit in our races are preserved in their natural state and future generations can live and enjoy them, too.

For more than a decade we have organized many kinds of initiatives and events with the support of many sponsors. The most important and renowned races we organize nationally and internationally are:

  • Huairasinchi
  • Nonstop
  • El Reto
  • Tour Montaña
  • Raid Triatlón Xterra
  • Night Race Quito
  • El Trail Running
  • Trail Andino
  • Trail & Bike
  • Shunku Ñan
  • Eco Trail

“We are proud to belong to a country full of such natural wonders and unexplored places. Each day we look to spread our message to more people. We hope that through adventure they can discover Ecuador in a new way and that through sports they can challenge themselves to grow to new levels. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle, achieved by setting and overcoming personal goals. For us, adventure is a way of life.”



Santiago López

Rodolfo Peralta

Myriam Llumiquinga

Patricio Vélez

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